At the store - First episode  

  Parking lot  

  The cars are parked in the parking lot.  

  Taxi station  

  Taxis are waiting for passengers.  

  Handicap parking space  

  Store's exit door  

  Customers come out of this door.  

  Store's entrance  

  We are now outside the store.  

  We want to go inside the store.  

  The store's automatic door opens.  

  We are now inside the store.  

  On sale items  



  Bread is made of flour  

  A dozen eggs  


  When rice is cooked it's called cooked rice.  


  Carton of milk  

  A bottle of Milk  

  A gallon of milk  

  Tomato paste  




  Salt is salty  


  Sugar is sweet  


  Lemonade is sour  


  Mouthwash is bitter  

  Black pepper  

  Pepper is spicy  

  Garlic powder  

  Garlic is smelly but so healthy.